What is the best way to certify your product to release it in the shortest time? Or to release the most reliable product? Or to certify it step-wise? These are examples of questions that will be answered in a certification strategy and where we can advise. Certification is the proof of demonstration that the design or product, or process, is fullfilling the requirements. The certificate will be granted by an authorised body but only if all requirements are satisfied. This latter is a common problem in product development.

How well is your demonstration material organised? Is the certificate still valid? Are the calculations you made still cover the change? These questions can be directly be answered when compliance management is applied. Compliance management controls and manages the documentation that proofs the product’s compliance with its requirements in an efficient and traceable way that, whenever there is a change, the validity of the compliance statement can be granted. Changes are, for example, modification of the product or regulation changes. With a clear compliance management system the impact of changes can be determined in a quick way and thus ensuring the design integrity and a valid certificate. Therefore the compliance demonstration needs to be maintained throughout the product's life cycle.


A product that is manufactured according to the specifications? This is what you would like to trust. How can you give that assurance to your customer? There is an increased awareness growing at companies, that design integrity comes not only with a good design or a good production facility, but it comes with a complete integration of operational processes between design and production. You only have to look at the aerospace industry or the food industry to know that this will also be the demands in the future for other area's  and their products. A Type Approval on your  product, or on parts of a product, can grant this integration.

Auditing your processes is not only to know the latest status of how your employees are following the prescribed processes, it is also a tool to see what is missing or need to be optimised for operational purposes.

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TIJHE is a company that advises on product compliance management. We are experienced in aerospace and marine product certification, but not limited to this area. We help in using certification as a possibility to add value to your product by efficient compliance management. This leads to shorter time-to-market in product development and ensures design integrity in the product life cycle.

Transparency and robustness are our main drivers.

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