TIJHE is a company that focuses/advises on product compliance management. This means traceability
of the demonstration of compliance of a product with its requirements, which can exist of customer requirements, company requirements and government legislation.

Compliance with requirements ensures design integrity, but Compliance Management ensures
design integrity throughout the product life cycle. This certainly is the case if your product
has a Type Approval Certificate: then compliance management is essential to maintain your
Type Approval.

What do we offer?

Certification Strategy for your product
Advise on Type Approval
Advise on Compliance Management System
Compliance Demonstration Method
Audit and Audit Preparation

The Compliance Demonstration Method we offer, is a proven concept in aerospace industry
and marine industry (acceptance by airworthiness authorities and marine classification societies)
and is flexible to match many type of products.

This webpage shows information to help you with basic product certification matters.

How do we work?

We are working in a structured way and follow project management principles. In case you have questions or you would like to be advised, do not hesitate and use our contact button.

About us

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TIJHE is a company that advises on product compliance management. We are experienced in aerospace and marine product certification, but not limited to this area. We help in using certification as a possibility to add value to your product by efficient compliance management. This leads to shorter time-to-market in product development and ensures design integrity in the product life cycle.

Transparency and robustness are our main drivers.

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